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According to medical doctors, sciatic pain is one of the most common conditions that bring people into the emergency room in Riverside. In America, millions of people experience sciatic pain and majority of those people never find a solution let alone one that lasts. Some people make the choice to try to wait the pain out but what they do not realize is that they could be making the condition worse.

Sciatic pain is described different from patient to patient. The pain can be an annoying discomfort or a severe agonizing pain and anywhere in between. The pain typically only manifests in one leg at a time and can vary between the low back to the foot. As the condition progresses the episodes will likely intensify.

The Sciatic Nerve

The nerve begins at the spinal cord, passes through the low back and sacrum (tailbone) and the hip and then down the leg. The spine is complex and since the nerve is so large and weaves through many structures, it can be difficult to locate the problem. Doctors of chiropractic in Riverside are specially trained and they are experts on the spine and the nervous system.

Your doctor will perform an exam to find the misalignment that may be causing the sciatica to occur. It is important to share all information about your health and medical history as well as the history of the condition so your doctor can accurately assess your condition. It is common for patients to first experience the pain when they simply bent over to pick something as small as a pencil off the floor. They say that an extreme pain will come out of nowhere but the truth is that the pain is likely to be the result of an issue that has been slowly worsening over years.

Correcting the Cause

The amount of time necessary to correct the issue depends on many factors, including:

  • Body build
  • Age
  • Activity level
  • Compliance

What some consider being the most important factor is how long the condition has been there. The longer a condition has been left untreated, the longer it has had time to worsen and the longer it is going to take to correct. Patients are always surprised how short of a time it is before they start feeling improvement.


A large amount of people turn to medication as a first course of treatment and once the pain is beyond what medication can manage surgery is the next and final option.  It is estimated that almost 50% of all people that have back surgery have failed back surgeries and almost 20% require more surgery. A spinal expert stated that “only .25% of individuals with back problems require surgery.”

Before you become another failed statistic, call Chiropractor-Riverside County in Riverside today and avoid the mess and side effects of medication and surgery. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call and speak with our extremely knowledgeable staff.


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