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chiropractorWelcome to Best Chiropractor in Riverside, CA. We understand that it can be difficult to choose a chiropractor. It’s important to find someone that is knowledgeable, honest and that you trust. In this article we hope provide you with some information about what chiropractic is and how it can benefit you. If you have further questions our chiropractic team is here to help. Most people think that a chiropractor pops, cracks or snaps back pain away, but there is so much more to the profession. In 1895 the first chiropractic adjustment was delivered when a man that had lost hearing in one ear. Following the adjustment his hearing was restored. The founder of chiropractic, DD Palmer believed that by removing a subluxation many conditions could be helped. Through the science of chiropractic, passionate doctors are setting out to improve the health of millions without interfering with the body’s natural processes.

Chiropractic Explained

Spinal-DecompressionChiropractic is a type of health care that works with the nervous system as well as the musculoskeletal system. Doctors of chiropractic are trained to diagnose and treat injuries and disorders that involve the nervous system, muscles and bones. Chiropractors in Riverside work directly with the spine to remove any interference that may be preventing the body to heal itself and to restore natural processes within the body. Like all other areas in health care, new patients will undergo a consultation that involves reviewing past and current health conditions, medications and surgeries as well as a physical examination. It is common to take x-rays in order to further establish the cause of pain and make sure there is no underlying condition which can only be found on an x-ray. Once this process is completed, the doctor will use all of the information to establish a diagnosis and create an individualized treatment plan. Chiropractic care should not be limited to those suffering from back pain. People living with a number of different health conditions have so much to gain from chiropractic. Life can be hard, but the amount of stress that it puts on the body is often underestimated. Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments can help the body to function at its optimal potential. Chiropractic is just as much about preventing injury and disease as it is about relieving pain from existing conditions. Because chiropractic adjustments decrease the stress that is put on the nervous system and keep proper motion within the joints, it is found that the healing process is can be faster and often the need of medication becomes unnecessary. There is no age limit or prejudice in chiropractic. If you would like to learn more about what chiropractic can do for you, contact our team at Chiropractor-Riverside County today.

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